Below is a map of our journey south. Every stopover is plotted on here. Initially I tried to write up each day every evening but after a few weeks it began to be too demanding in time and power for the laptop. Once we were in Spain it soon became clear that a blog twice a week was more sustainable.

All the Aires have been researched using which is my main resource for finding places to stop at night. As far as possible I have chosen free parking places although not all have free services. Most Aires (short for Aire de Camping Car which is the name given to official motorhome parking/overnighting places) have services and most of these are charged at between 2 and 3 euros for water and waste disposal. Some also offer electric hook up but I am hoping our solar panel will give us all the power we need. In practice the solar panel has worked well when the sun shines.

The icons on the map show those places that are properly aires, simple car parks with no services and ACSI campsites (2). All locations have GPS references and usually a photo. All link through to the blog post that refers.