Below is a basic map of all the places we have visited and stopped over. Whilst I am finding it very hard to find time to blog this trip properly I am managing to keep on top of the map so you should be able to see where are or were within the last 24hours.

Kolenkai Bruges, Sint Pieters Our first night in Belgium was on a quiet car park beside the canal on the edge of Bruges old town. Stayed forcone night Thursday 5th April 2018
Loch Insch Kincraig Lunch stop on our first day was in the small car park beside Loch Insch near the Insch Church. Saturday 31st March 2018
Pitlochry Dam Pitlochry Our first night was in the car park for the Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre. Slightly out of town and with a rather rough and narrow access road this is a good stopover albeit with no services at all. Stayed here 31st March 2018 and woke to a hard frost!
Dunkeld Dunkeld Lunch stop and visit today (1st April 2018) was at the little town of Dunkeld. This is quite a famous little place and the National Trust for Scotland have worked hard to restore many of the older buildings
Prestonpans Prestonpans Second night was at the free car park near Lidl on the edge of Prestonpans. It is great to be parked up right beside the Firth of Forth watching all the lights across the water. Great sunset. Stayed here Sunday 1st April 2018
Hailes Castle Haddington First visit on day three ( 2nd April 2018) was to Hailes Castle near Preston just off the A1. A scenic location on a crag above the River Tyne.
Etal Castle Etal Lunchstop on Monday 2nd April 2018 was at Etal Castle (in the snow!). Quite a small castle but there is a really interesting exhibition about the battle of Flodden Field which happened nearby
Eat Sleep Lindisfarne Lindisfarne Our third night (2nd April 2018) was spent in the car park of the cafe and bunkhouse beside the A1 where the road goes off to go to Holy Island. Free stopover and we had a huge breakfast the next morning.
Cragside House Rothbury, Northumberland Main event on Monday 3rd April 2018 was a visit to Cragside House (NT). We spent most of the day here and cooked lunch on Bertie.
The Bungalow CL Consett, County Durham Last UK overnight was prebooked at a Caravan Club CL site near Consett. This let us drop our waste and fill up with water. Stayed here Tuesday 3rd April 2018 before getting the ferry on Wednesday.
Strepy-Thieu Strepy-Thieu, Belgium Second night in Belgium was right beside the Canal du Centre very close to the old boat lift that was replaced by the new lift a mile away. The new lift is the tallest in the world and lifts boats 73m. Stayed here Friday 6th April 2018.
Treignes Steam Museum Treignes Night three in Belgium was in an aire close to the Steam Museum. Stayed here Saturday 7th April 2018
Revin Revin Our first French aire was super. Right beside the River Meuse our little space had its own little lawn and there was a handy laverie for our laundry too. Stayed here Sunday 8th April 2018.
Poupehan Poupehan, Bouillon Basic aire by the river on tbe edge of the village. Good views. Walked up to the high viewpoint above the village. Stayed here Monday 9th April 2018
Chateau-fort Bouillon Bouillon We spent most of Tuesday 10th April 2018 here looking at the amazing Chateau and the Ducal Palace Museum
Herbeumont Herbeumont Monday night (10th April) we stayed on the aire at Herbeumont right below the ruined castle beside the old railway line. Castle was good.
Redange Redange, luxembourg There is an excellent free aire with free power, water and waste disposal here. Our first power hook up this trip as Eileen's toothbrush needs charging! Stayed here Wednesday 11th April 2018
Losheim am Stausee Merzig, germany We had not planned to go to Germany but being so close we could not resist. We chose this place as it was not too far to drive and was close to a lake with access to walks etc.We stayed 1 night on Thursday 12th April 2018
Hombourg Haut Saint Avold, france Back in France again after a diversion to see what Germany was like. This is a small town with an historic centre. The aire is directly below the old town and its ruined castle. We had the night of Friday 13th April 2018 here.
Hull Ferry Port Hull We crossed from Hull to Zeebrugge. This ferry leaves from within the George V Dock which meant the ferry had to go through the sea lock out on to River Humber which was really interesting given the size of this ship!
Millery Nancy, France Arrived here 1pm on Saturday 14th April. Filled with water at free tap. Free parking too. Our fourteenth night in Bertie this trio and we have only been away two weeks. We have driven 1366kms from Forres which is an avergae of less than 60 miles per day. We are parked right beside the Moselle but there is quite a busy local road behind us. Moving on again tomorrow but hope to have a few days break then.
Thaon-les-Vosges Epinal, Vosges Lovely spot. Tween the park and the canal with a short walk in to town. Nice cycle path along the canal in to Epinal. Stayed here two nights Sunday 15th and Monday 16th April 2018
Monthureux sur Saone Monthureux sur Saone Lovely peaceful spot right beside the River Saone on the edge of a village.Spent one night here on Tuesday 17th April 2018.
Langres Langres Basic municipal aire but close to the historic centre of this amazing hilltop town with its 3.5kms of medieval ramparts. stayed one night 18th April 2018
Flavigny sur Ozerain Flavigny sur Ozerain Gorgeous fortified village high on top of a hill in Burgundy. Principle location for the film Chocolat. Lunch stop Wednesday 19th April 2018.
Semur en Auxois Semur en Auxois We are parked in the free aire on the edge of town. Tomorrow we will walk in and explore this medieval fortified town. Stayed here two nights Thursday 19th and Friday 20th April 2018.
Montreal, Yonne Montreal, Yonne Pretty village with a delightful medieval centre. Coffe stop on Saturday 21st April 2018
Treigny Treigny Basic village car park with Moho services. Handy for Guedelon Castle. We spent two nights here Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April 2018.
Lac des Settons Lac des Settons 1900feet up in the Morvan Regional Park besides the largest lake. Basic aire in a car park beside the road but with a lovely view across the lake. Spent one night on Monday 23rd April 2018
Into the Auvergne Beaulon, france A gorgeous spot beside the canal at a Base Nautique used by boats to moor for the night. One night here on Tuesday 24th April 2018
Lapalisse Lapalisse, France A nice car park beside the little river in the town with a big chataeu to visit too. Spent one night here on Wednesdsy 25 April 2018. Aire very busy with lots of vans.
Billy Billy, Allier Billy is quite a small village surrounding an imposing castle/fortress.
Le Mayet de Montagne Le Mayet de Montagne, Auvergne Small town in the Montaignes Bourbonnaises with a free aire in town car park. One night here on Thursday 26th April 2018
Tourzel-Ronzieres Tourzel-Ronzieres, Puy-de-Dome Gorgeous terraced aire where every van can enjoy the amazing views. Probably the best aire of the trip. Stayed here Friday 27th May 2018
Palladuc Palladuc, Allier Small aire in a small mountain village. Stopped here for coffee and a walk around the village to enjoy the views on Friday 27th April 2018.
Murol Castle Murol, Auvergne Murol with its twelth century castle built on a basalt lump high above the town
Les Gannes Messiex, Auvergne Small aire on the western edge of the Auvergne. Town was once a mining centre but that has long gone. Soent one night here Saturday 28th April 2018
Felletin Felletin, Creuze Interesting medieval town with a free aire with free services. It rained most of the time we were here so exploring. One night here on Sunday 29th April 2018
Bellac Bellac, France Parked by a rushing river on the edge of this pretty medieval town in Limousin. Aire was below the town in a little park. Walked around the old town built on a cliff above the river. One night here on Monday 30th April 2018
Thollet Thollet, Poitou Landscaped aire on the edge of a tiny village. Had a nice walk around the village which did not take long. River and ford by tbe aire very pretty. Stayed here on Tuesday 1st May 2018.
Le Blanc Le Blanc, Indre Interesting town on the River Creuse. The old chateau has been made into an Ecomusee which we visited. Very interesting although hard work as all in French. Wednesday 2nd May 2018
Maison des Abeilles Ingrandes, Indre The House of Bees. France Passion host selling honey and bee products. We stayed here Wednesday 2nd May 2018
Chauvigny Chauvigny, France Delightful little town dominated by the castles and church high on tbe ridge above the town. Coffee stop and explore on Thursday 3rd May 2018
Richelieu Richelieu, Indre-et-Loire An interesting little town built by Cardinal Richelieu in 1632. Town is built on a grid system and surrounded by a wall and moat. We spent the night here on Thursday 3rd May 2018.
Chinon Fortress Chinon, Indre-et-Loire Magnificent Castle built on a limestone ridge 100m above the town and river. Henry II extended the castle and later died here as did his son Richard the Lionheart. In 1487 Joan of Arc came here to meet the future Charles VII of France. We spent most of Friday 4th May 2018 here.
Fontevraud Fontevraud, Maine-et-Loire A small town with a huge royal abbey where Henry II, Eleanour of Aquitaine and Richard the Lionheart were all buried. We stayed in the small aire for the night of Friday 4th May 2018 in order to visit the Abbey on Saturday 5th.
Cunualt Cunualt, Marne-et-Loire Lovely site beside the Loire with space for lots of vans. The river is very wide here with gravel banks between us and the water. We stayed here for two nights Saturday 5th May and Sunday 6th May 2018.
Combree Combree, Maine-et-Loire A picnic spot under trees on the edgexof a small town. We stayed here the night of Monday 7th May 2018
Saint Just, Brittany Saint Just, Ille-et-Villaine Basic aire on the edge of the village just a short walk to many of the famous megaliths. We stayed here on Tuesday 8th May 2018.
Foleux Foleux, Béganne Coffee stop at the marina beside the River Villaine. Lovely spot buzzing with yachts of all sizes. Wednesday 9th May 2018
Carnac Carnac, Morbihan Major tourist centre and the most important megalithic site in Europe. Stayed here Wednesday 9th May 2018.
Lochmariaquer lochmariaquer, Morbihan Aire by the sea and handy for more megaliths. Stayed here on Friday 11th May 2018
Kergaher Kergaher, Guidel Cliff top aire near Fort du Loch. Stayed here 12th May 2018
Le Fret Le Fret, Finistere Quiet aire in a small village on the Crozon Peninsular just scross the Rade de Brest from the port of Brest. Stayed here on Sunday 13th May 2018
La Faou La Faou, Finisterre Pretty little town on the Rade de Brest. Coffee stop on 14th May 2018
Locmaria Plouzane Locmaria Plouzane, Finisterre Small town with a nice free aire just west of Brest. Stayed here Monday 14th May 2018
St Mathias Plougonvelin, Finisterre This is the point at the far south west of Brittany. Wonderful cliff views and an old abbey. Coffee stop here on Tuesday 15th May 2018
Melon Porspoder, Finisterre Lunch stop on the far west coast of Brittany. Stopped here on Tuesday 15th May 2018
Guisseny Guisseny, Finisterre Aire on the edge of a small town on the north coast of Brittany. Stayed here Tuesday 15th May 2018
Cairn de Barnenez Ploucastel, Finisterre Visited the largest neolthic burial cairn on Wednesday 16th May 2018.
Cairn de Barnenez Plouezoc'h, Finisterre Visited the largest neolthic burial cairn on Wednesday 16th May 2018.
Plougasnou Quay Plougasnou, Finisterre Car park on tbe pier at Plougasnou with views across the little bay. Stayed here Wednesday 16th May 2018
Ploumanac'h Ploumanac'h, Perros-Guirec ACSI campsite on the Cote Granit Rose. We had two nights here 17-18 May 2018
Treguier Treguier, Cote d'Amor Tiny city with a big cathedral and some old buildings and narrow streets. Coffee stop on 19th May 2018
Lermot Hillion, Cote d'Amor Clifftop aire with views over the huge sandy beaches. Stayed here Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May 2018
Pleboulle Pleboulle, Cote d'Armor Coffee stop on Monday 21st May 2018
Bazouges La Perouse Bazouges la Perouse, Cote d'Armor Petit Cite de Charactere. Excellent aire. Stayed here 21st May 2018
Villedieu Les Poeles Villedieu Les Poeles, Manche Wanted to park for coffee in the town and visit the bell foundry bjt it was so usy we could not park and stopped in this little layby by a river instead. Tuesday 22nd May 2018
Saint Lô Saint Lô, Manche Lunch stop at the aire on Tuesday 22nd May 2018. Walked up to the old ramparts.
Bayeux Memorial Museum Bayeux, Calvados Stayed the night of Tuesday 22nd May 2018 at the official aire for the big D-day Memorial Museum in Bayeux.
Longues sur Mer Longues sur Mer, Calvados We spent the night of Wednesday 23rd May 2018 in the car park for the Germany Battery on the cliffs above Sword Beach.
Ferme de la Vallée au Tanneur 14340 Repentigny, Calvados France Passion cider farm. Stayed the night of Thursday 24th May 2018 in a small field on the farm.
Cormeilles Cormeilles, France Coffee stop on Friday 25 May 2018 in a lovely little Normandy town with the market in full swing.
Vieux Port Vieux Port, Eure Stopped for lunch on Friday 25 May 2018 at this little village right beside the Seine
Val de Saane Val de Saâne, Seine Maritime Overnight stop in a free aire in this tiny town in the Pays de Caux. Stayed here Friday 25 May 2018
Chalk ridge above Osmoy Saint Valery Osmoy-saint-valery, Seine Maritime Coffee Stop just below a chalk ridge high above Osmoy St Valery. Saturday 26 May 2018
Leisure lake near Longroy Longroy, Seine Maritime Lunch stop Saturday 26 May 2018 in a picnic area by a large lake. Lots of tiny fish, damsel flies and some coots.
Le Hourdel on Baie de La Somme Le Hourdel, Somme Free aire almost at the the end of the point at the southern edge of the huge Somme Bay. Stayed here Saturday 26 May 2018
Bergues Bergues, Nord The last aire this trip. Large gravel carpark just outside the town walls. These ramparts were largely built by Vauban and are substantial although sadly under presented. Stayed here Tuesday 29 May 2018
Montreuil sure Mer Montreuil sur Mer, Pas de Calais Busy aire right beside the magnificent town ramparts. Stayed here for two nights Sunday 27 and Monday 28 May 2018
Veurne Veurne, Belgium Stopped here on Wednesday 30 May 2018 for coffee stop and to explore this fascinating old Flemish city.
Wickham Grange Farm CL campsite Tow Law, County Durham We stayed here overnight on Thursday 31 May 2018. We had a huge field to share with just one other van. Amazing views all round and so many birds especially skylarks.