Bertie at HorsleyWe arrived at Horsley campsite just before 4pm. Campsite is ok but not special as was the welcome! The drive down was much easier than I had expected and I am beginning to think that I am getting the measure of this motorhome. We filled up with Diesel at Chelmsford Tesco and put in 36 litres for 429kms which works out at 33.5mpg which I am very happy with given the size of Bertie. Cruise control came into its own on the motorway and fast dual carriageways holding a steady 52mph.


We are looking forward to trying out all Bertie’s facilities. Eileen has already tried out the kettle and made coffee. I have wound the awning out and also plugged in to the electricity hook up. If you can read this post then there was just enough 3G but not as good a signal as I had hoped given that we are only a couple of miles outside the M25.

Total distance today: 255 kms
Closing Reading: 111977 kms
1st Night on Bertie

First night on first site