Bertie at World Horse Welfare

Just a short drive today as we are off to the see the horses at the World Horse Welfare place at Snetterton near Attleborough as they are holding a big fundraising show and event. They had kindly agreed that we could stop overnight in the car park so this is the first day of the new trip. Bertie is all sorted out by Appleton Engineering and his leaks are fixed, his wobbly mirror is secure and he has a new MOT!

We got away from home in at 10:30am which is good going for us and we arrived at Snetterton around 12ish and had plenty of time to watch the events in the main arena. The stunt riding display from Atkinson Action Riders was especially interesting as they explained all about what they were doing and why. They supplied 22 horses for the BBC production of Poldark. Also very good was the Norfolk Fire and Rescue demonstration of how they handle horse rescues and showed off some of the special kit and their equine training dummy – a 400kg fully articulated rubber horse!

We still had time to wander around the stables and stroke some velvety noses and spent quite a while watching a trainee farrier making and fitting shoes to a very patient horse. She worked with only hand tools with a portable furnace and created the horseshoes from plain strips of iron bar which she worked in to shape individually. That took some serious hammering of red hot iron.

Once all the cars departed we had a huge car park all to ourselves. Sadly the weather was gloomy and we were not inspired to take any photos – just this one of the parking spot. Unusually there was not EE signal at all. This is the first time that the mifi device has failed to connect to anything. My Three phone had a small signal but the internet was too slow to use much so writing the blog had to wait until today when I am writing up the 4th and 5th.

Mileage reading tonight:  119,805 kms
Mileage reading at home:   119,740 kms
Mileage today:   65 kms
Mileage total: 65 kms

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